summer 2014 in polaroids

left to right, top to bottom:

  • the first day of summer, in the park at sophie’s party
  • lily’s end of summer costume party - i was french! we also had bob the builder, cowgirl, fairy and all sorts!
  • daisy’s birthday party in her back garden.
  • before prom - me and my three best friends.
  • scarlet’s birthday on the beach! such a lovely sunny day.
  • results day, with some friends in the park.
  • another from results day with my science gang, some of my favouritest friends
  • tallulah’s birthday from near the windmill up from her house
  • zoculo (street party) with sian and her friends

polaroids are such a nice way to capture the moment and look great in your room. i have the fujifilm instax mini 8 and i love it! in addition to taking great photos, it’s such a laugh and looks adorable. i hope you enjoyed this post!